Monday, May 9, 2011

Admiring the differences between us who are alike....

Diabetes Blog Week 2011
Today is the first of five days of Diabetes blog week with a new
topic for each day. 

Today's is about how great it is to learn from the perspectives of those unlike me. To pick a type of blogger who is different from me and explain why I admire them. 

First of all, I know we might be kind of the same but I really admire
those Type1's who have had diabetes for most if not almost
all of their lives. 
I got diagnosed when I was 21, 
so for me, my parents never had to learn or take the 
responsibility of making sure they were 
my pancreas. 
I have so much admiration for those who either have had diabetes for a majority or
long period of their life
or who are those parents
taking care of their T1's and being there
sole pancreas. 

I know how hard it is to look into the person 
who is your caregiver
or husband, or wife
or best friend
 who reminds and helps you whenever they can, 
because, for me, my poor husband deals with it all. 
I don't know how I would handle all the mood swings,
the blood sugars changes,
the quick responses needed
or even just thinking on the top of your head
for a quick
15g quick carbohydrate snack.

I admire all of you for living with this 
pain in the butt
for so long, or
for managing someone else's body
and what they cannot control.

To add to the people I admire,
admire ANY Type 1
who has carried babies inside of them.
mood swings, body issues, blood sugar testings 10-20times a day
to crazy amount of insulin changes, to 
low blood sugars,
walking up three steps up and down and my body
seriously making me feel like i just RAN

Ugghh. Maybe some of these or typical of a pregnancy, 
either way. 
Holy Moly.

I under estimated how great this experience might be
but how difficult this is all at the same time. 

Thanks for reading everyone, also look for my blog
tomorrow for the 2nd Diabetes Blog Week. 

Sometime this week, stay tuned for a play by play
of my life so far with
carrying our first baby
with Type 1.


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