Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Attn: Pumpers...

After yesterday and writing about
who I admire in the
diabetes world
I admire
who has gone from multiple injections to 
the pump
and I will not believe when I was told
how hard the first week is, 
heck the 
first DAY.

I don't know If it is because of 
being pregnant
or because i work very well on sleep. 

Either way, 
I'm glad my blood sugar is staying low enough, however I do not enjoy
getting up so much in the night between blood sugar checks,
phone calls because I am too low,
potty breaks
or moving around and checking where my
pump is.

I'm sure I"ll get used to this but
I volunteered to work at 8:15am today knowing I won't be done running around
but for me trying to take it easy
is probably 
going to kill me for today. 

Pumpers, I admire you for doing this. 
Parents of pumpers: I COMPLETELY admire you. Not only 
would you have to pump and check like I am
but you would have to deal with a tired and or cranky

AMEN to T1' and Care Pancreas's. 

only 5 more days of this schedule.. hopefully.

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