Friday, May 13, 2011


Today's blog topic
Diabetes Blog Week 
is to write about all the "awesome" things Diabetes
or having diabetes has done or given to me. 

Not that having Diabetes is 
in any way, shape or form, because it isn't. 
Most of the time is sucks big time. 

A couple things I can think of that are not
about Diabetes has to be a couple things. 

1. It has made my husband and I 
get to know eachother on levels we never would have 
experienced or have needed to get through. 
I promise, it isn't easy,
and I would LOVE to take away his pain and worries, 
but I am very happy that he supports me and all the hard work it takes to manage this disease. 

2. Until probably January of this year
I never really knew 
another person with Type 1 diabetes. 
At least personally. 
I got my first phone call from the JDRF Volunteer to participate in the walk in my area
and she mentioned 
Kerri from SixUntilMe 
and since finding her and her blog, 
I truly don't feel as alone. 

Then came Kim from Textinng My Pancreas
and how I feel I can relate to her, 
and she is one heck of a girl!

I then found other blogs that helped me feel more and more
supported, even though I have only
has little conversation with these two and others. 

I am now participating in
Diabetes 365 (which I REALLY need to upload more pics)
and have met MORE people
that are just as fantastic. 

I guess I enjoy this new love for the DOC. 
I appreciate learning more about my Diabetes because of them. 
I am now a pumper and feel somewhat okay with that
because of ALL OF THESE PEOPLE. 
It's amazing how blogs of
complete strangers can make you feel good. 

The 3rd and LAST good thing I can think of related to my Diabetes
is the fact that Austin and I were able
to get pregnant 
and I am now in week 14 
of this pregnancy. 
I always worried that I would not be able to have children, and if I did
how hard it would be on me. 
I was scared when I got diagnosed in 2007 that
I would never get to feel having a child 
of my own out of my body.
I am glad that so far, Diabetes hasn't stopped me and my husband
from experiencing this.
So thank you Diabetes for allowing me 
to be this far in this pregnancy and 
PLEASE work with me to make sure this can happen. 
I might not hate you as much. 

Love Cassie!!

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  1. GREAT LIST Cassie!!! I too am newer to finding the DOC. I wish it had been here back when I was diagnosed, sixteen years ago. The DOC is amazing...we never have to be alone in this! :)