Thursday, May 12, 2011

Ten things I hate about the DLife....

Today is day four of Diabetes Blog Week,
can you believe it?

I first want to say, before I jump into the 
topic for today, 
how thankful I am of the newly found (for me)
DOC as well as 
all of the support I've been having with my 
first time walking the JDRF walk, 
with becoming a pumper
and being a Type-1 and Pregnant all at the same time. 

I will admit, It's all a little exhausting right now
almost to the extreme
Diabetes Overload
for all the support. 
I really appreciate it!

OKay, now the topic:

Ten things I hate about you, Diabetes - Thursday 5/12: Having a positive attitude is important . . . but let’s face it, diabetes isn’t all sunshine and roses (or glitter and unicorns, for that matter). So today let’s vent by listing ten things about diabetes that we hate. Make them funny, make them sarcastic, make them serious, make them anything you want them to be!!

 10 things I hate about You, Mrs. Diabetes

1. I hate the way you can't make up your mind. One moment
you say 134mg/dl then you shame me within the same
hour at 60mg/dl. Shame on you

2. I hate to fact that every single label needs to be seen by 
my eyes, or i don't believe it. I've had too many times where a wrong number was given and 13g is not the same at 43g.  I wish I 
would live one day without 
looking at a label. One ENTIRE day. 

3. I hate the "oh you have DIE-A-BEAT-EZ?" 
Yes, i do and explain I have type-1. See their puzzled face
and then explain how mine is different than what they
have heard. Don't even get me started on how they were able to 
"fix" or "cure" theirs with exercise.
4. I hate the stares. I hate them. ESPECIALLY 
at restaurants. I mean, I know we live in a nosy
society, but why do you non-T1 people
feel the need to talk about me, 
stare at me taking my blood sugar
and stare while you see my food come. Or about those waitresses who 
stare worse then the little girl behind you. 
I'm sorry, you're a grown man/woman, didn't your mother
teach you to NOT STARE. Ugghh

5. I hate having so much baggage. 
Test strips, meters, little pieces of paper to dab the blood on, 
insulin pens, needles, extra needles, my blog book, glucose tabs,
snacks, anti-bacterial gel, and now with the pump
2 of every pump supply known to man, plus batteries,
my small sharps container, more snacks all in baggies or 15g or less 
snack sizes,
Medical cards, change for quick snacks if i run out.
Seriously, no wonder we can't catch a break and use a 
clutch. It wouldn't close and be 15lbs. 

6. I hate those ignorant doctors. 
I hate when you have to actually 
EXPLAIN to your doctor
what type of Diabetes you have. 

(short, story)
( So as I went to my first OB appointment not too long ago, 
meeting the first of like 6 doctors I have to meet, 
and we talked about my diabetes, the history of it,
and she was somewhat 
not really feeling this was
believable information. 
Well, then i explained going on the pump and so on. 
Ten came time for her to examine me. 
She checked out my stomach and 
no joke, 
stepped back and asked what i was doing to myself
why I have so many bruises. 
She then said, 
do you take shots?

where have you been. Are you even a doctor 
If i were to have diabetes, give myself
multiple insulin injections
where to you assume these 
injections might end up sometime. 

7. I hate knowing what my husband feels like when he hears
i'm in a bad mood, or I'm sad, or
i'm acting differently. 
Men have a hard enough time trying
to figure out woman, 
and now my poor husband has to 
figure out and distinguish if this 
emotion is
cassie related, diabetes related, pregnancy related
or bad day related. 

Bless HIM. 

8. I hate feeling like I am an inconvenience to people. 
I know my awesome family and
in laws probably don't feel or see this, 
but i feel like a bag of rocks
when they have to keep waiting for me, 
or when they have to be hungry because I can't eat yet. 
I feel bad because I MYSELF, am the ones
to change, mess with or disrupt their
schedule. I feel bad. 

 9. I hate that pregnancy is hard, 
but being pregnant 
and type-1 
really complicates things. 
I am still terrified of
what can happen, 
will I get high blood pressure,
will I NEED a c-section, 
Can i make it to week 39, or heck 38? 
I wish Diabetes wouldn't rob me of the 
thoughts of knowing things will be just fine. 

10. I really really stinking, big time, hate you diabetes. 
I know what life was like with out you, and
I hate you. 
I hate the things you do to me, make me feel, 
change my mood, 
affect my health insurance, make me pay too much money
and steal the
care free 
I hate you. I wish we never met. 

Now, i hope that i can finish the rest of the week
without crying each time i 
have to write about how much you affect me
or why i dislike you. 


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  1. The doctor thing kills me too!!!

    I wanted to give you a diabetes & pregnancy link, can you email me? My contact info is in my "Who Am I?" tab.