Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Diabetes Bloopers/Outside the box

So for today's 
Diabetes Blog Week
as I read other entries, 
I realize even though I KNOW
I have had
many many bloopers
in the diabetes world, I cannot for the LIFE 
of me right now
think of one. 
So i decided to go ahead and do something 
please don't laugh too bad
I'm a creative person,
I promise
but not when it comes to 
artistic ability so i decided to welcome you 
into our home, at say about 7am-7:45am. 

This is me, with crazy curly hair, and before the pump
giving myself BOTH of my insulin's
YES, at the same time, 
i'm talented!!
All while pushing my dear dog
Kahuna, who is white NOT gray but 
I wanted you to see her, out the back door to go to the bathroom!!

Husband is NOT an early AM person, 
so I normally do the am routine
and take her out. 
Well, especially now, I
realized my poor neighbors have probably seen more of my body than they can handle. 
And YES, if you were thinking it, 
I have caught them outside,
while looking something like this. 

I just figure, either they think i'm super sick
or am a drug addict. 

Which ever, as a D, I feel I need to do what i have to do, 
and if it means using two hands, 
or say use the wall by the fridge to hold my insulin pen in my stomach
while i grab my items
I do. 

Husband however, HATES HATES HATES this part of me. 
Don't believe me,
Ask him! lol

Hope you enjoyed and hopefully laughed at my silly photo!!


  1. This is sooo cute!Love it! :)

  2. Awww, I love your little drawing of your morning routine!! The best part has to be the two injections at once. Pretty impressive!!